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All - Round gifts co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of metal awards and lanyards products. Established in 2007 in DongGuan, China. We have built our business on three founding principles: fair pricing, quality control, integrity and great customer service. For over 10 years, following these guidelines have made us the experts in the area of recognition.
With our fast turnaround we could accommodate most time deadlines.






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Our Advantage

Choose environmental protection purification equipment, let you worry free production,
use products to speak, with service description

Free design &no MOQ.

In All-Round Gifts,you only need to tell us your product idea,then we'll offer you a satisfying product design.There is no minimum order quantity for our products.Even if you need 1pc, we can do it for you.

Good quality.All-Round knows that goods quality is very important.

We do quality control of every order.As years manufacturer of Award products,we will provide good quality products all time as before.

Rush order service.

For urgent orders, we promise to complete it within 7 days.

Competitive price.

Our complete production equipment allow us to do mold making,die-casting,enameling,ribbon produciton,sewing and so on.All the process were done by ourselves allow us to do quality control, short turnaround time and competitive price.

Quick response.

Our staff can still send you a quick reply for urgent issues until midnight.All of your email will get a reply within 5 hours.

Responsible to every order.

We respect the ship date of customer's order.When a ship date is set down,we'll arrange production schedule accordingly.We are fully responsible to orders that are completed in error.When errors happen,we'll do our best to minimize customers losses.

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Set development, design, die, stamping, die casting, polishing, electroplating, color omni-directional
process focus on creating perfect quality, products sold worldwide

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